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Industry Activity Notice: About The 2019 China Fabric Star Series

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China Fabric StarTextile And Clothing Weekly Accessories (Qiu Dong) Exposition

About hosting 2019 China fabric star series activities

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Honorific This is the first time.

Thank you for your support and attention to China fabric star series activities. In 2019, China's fabric star series has been launched. We sincerely invite you to join us.

The event is free and guided by the China Textile Industry Federation. The textile and clothing weekly magazine will host the awards ceremony and a series of activities. In September 24th, Shanghai held the exhibition of China International fabrics and accessories autumn and Winter Fair.

In addition to having the chance to win the industry awards and facilitate business transactions, the participating fabric enterprises will have more opportunities to get textile and clothing weekly magazines, official micro, official website, and self media. More than 50 media have been free to promote and participate in the awards ceremony, the brand dress meeting, the static exhibition of fabric enterprises, the new trend forum, the later series exhibition and the industrial chain meeting.

The details of the event and the entry form are introduced below. The products and information sheets will be mailed to Beijing before August 20th.

Journal of China Federation of textile industry

Journal of textile and textile weekly

June 2019

Remarks: Details of activities and entry forms

I. organization

Guidance unit: China Textile Industry Federation

Sponsor: "textile and clothing weekly" magazine.

Media support: National 50 authoritative media (industry, fashion, comprehensive)

Two. Activity background

"China fabric star users' most satisfied product survey activities" is the most influential fabric survey activity sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation and the magazine of textile and clothing weekly. Its purpose is to identify, recognize and promote excellent fabric products and enterprises, and build a professional platform for industrial docking.

Self activity Since its first launch in 2011, it has held 8 consecutive sessions, and has received enthusiastic participation from thousands of enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries chain from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Guangdong and other provinces and cities. There are nearly 1000 pieces of fabric for each session, involving five major fabrics, men's wear, women's wear, sportswear and children's wear.

In 2018, "China fabric star users' most satisfied product survey activities" held a grand static exhibition and 100 garment brand docking conference during the Oriental fashion season and Qingdao fashion week. In September of the same year, the awards ceremony was held in Shanghai China International accessories (autumn and winter) Expo.

In 2019, the Ninth "China fabric star users' most satisfactory product survey activities" has been opened. This selection will be a breakthrough in the selection of fabric technology content, fashion, technology and quality, color and other aspects, and the quality and quantity of participating enterprises will also surpass the previous ones. At the end of September, the China international textile fabrics and accessories (Qiu Dong) Fair will be held at the end of September to hold the China fabric star award ceremony. Apart from the important awards, the trend experts, brand companies and fiber business representatives will also be invited to make important sharing. Meanwhile, a series of activities such as fabric trend forum, apparel brand docking conference and static exhibition of participating enterprises will be held.

Three, activity overview


1, activity schedule

2. Product classification

The field of application of fabrics can include men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, casual wear, sportswear, jeans, shirts and underwear.

3. Judges constitute

The evaluation activities focus on guiding product development and terminal market applications. All the members of the review committee come from well-known industry trends, development experts, supply chain leaders of clothing brand enterprises, brand design directors and purchasing managers.

4. Awards setting

The review committee will conduct a comprehensive assessment and screening of the participating products in strict accordance with the evaluation criteria.

Best Innovation Development Award: 8 place

Best picture color Award: 8 place

The most fashionable style award is: 8 place

Most market value award: 8 place

Best design Service Award: 8 place

5. Review criteria

Best Innovation Development Award: The product process and function perception of fabric products are mainly considered. According to the innovative ability of fabric products in fiber combination application, weaving and dyeing technology, fabric appearance, touch and so on, the innovation ability is evaluated.

Best picture color Award: A systematic analysis is made of the external characteristics of fabric products, mainly considering whether the fabric products conform to the recent fashion trend, and grasp and apply color, pattern, texture and other aspects.

The most fashionable style award is: Refine the connotation of fabric products, inspect fabric products' ability to control fashion elements and fashion trends, and innovate in design elements, design forms and design styles.

Most market value award: According to the market popularity and brand purchase intention, the award is mainly aimed at the comprehensive evaluation of the color matching, market potential, application performance and the possibility of industrial production of fabric products.

Best design Service Award: According to the users' evaluation of products and the reputation and grading of manufacturers, they should be considered synthetically according to the order from high to low.

6. Rules for review

In accordance with the agenda of the meeting, the judges will evaluate the fabric products. The judges are guided by the principles of fairness and preciseness, and under the guidance of the selection criteria, the ballot products are selected by balloting. In the form of the combination of the judges' individual screening and the collective discussion final review, the individual awards are successively evaluated, and the disputes are negotiated and settled by the judges according to the evaluation criteria.

Four. Competition value

(1) Corporate propaganda

1, after preliminary evaluation, some of the products will be published in the "textile and clothing weekly" magazine, official website and official WeChat.

2. The list or logo of the finalists and award winning fabric companies will be displayed in the "textile and clothing weekly" magazine, the official website and the official WeChat.

3, the finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises will receive the honorary certificates and medals of "China fabric star" for free.

4, finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises will be invited to attend the "China fabric star" award ceremony.

5, the final award-winning enterprises will receive free interviews (after the awards ceremony, weekly edition is released, each 0.5P).

6, after the award ceremony, weekly free presentation of the 3 phase of the award-winning enterprise LOGO image display, produced by weekly professional beauty editor.

(two) product docking

1. Finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises can participate in the upstream and downstream precise docking meetings with local industrial clusters and designers.

2. Finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises can give priority to the procurement needs information of garment enterprises and designers.

3. Finalists and award winning fabric companies can be promoted first in China's fabric star buyers group.

4, the finalists and awarding fabric enterprises will give priority to the "China fabric star WeChat user group", and the group will regularly publish the order docking information.

5, the finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises will give priority to the "China fabric star WeChat user group", and will regularly publish the latest information on fabric industry's latest information, fabric planning, industry dynamics and so on.

6. The finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises can take the lead in participating in the National Exhibition of China fabric star participating enterprises organized by weekly (Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Keqiao, Nanjing and other exhibitions).

7, finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises, Keqiao, Jiangnan, Shanghai and other fashion week, preferred to recommend the joint evaluation of fabric enterprises and designers.

8. Finalists and award-winning fabric enterprises will take the lead in organizing weekly training activities and industry forums, conferences and so on.

(three) participation in reporting media

Xinhua net, phoenix net, people's net, Guangming net, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, China Economic Net, China textile daily, China textile, China apparel news, China garment, China textile net, clothing guide, China apparel, textile guide, China apparel net, China Textile Economic information network, first textile net, China textile net, China yarn net, cotton textile technology, cotton textile information network, knitting industry, textile and garment printing and dyeing platform, China brand clothing network, textile China online, China apparel news net and so on.

Five, activity time

In 1 and June 20th, activities started and fabric collection began.

In 2 and August 20th, the collection materials were cut off and the products were first evaluated. With the help of weekly magazines, WeChat, and website, the products of the participating enterprises were introduced free of charge.

3, September 10th, review.

4 and September 25th, the first day of the five exhibition in Shanghai, the awarding ceremony was held.

Six. Instructions for enterprises

1. No fee will be charged for this evaluation.

2, the participating products shall be voluntarily declared by the enterprises, and shall be made into garment fabrics that can form mass production.

3. The sample should be no less than 3, not more than 10, and the sample size should be 750px * 1500px (width * height).

4, 2 copies for each breed. The sample should be marked with product information to facilitate comparison with the entry form information.

5, each category of fabric should be accompanied by a detailed information sheet (see Annex 1) for product promotion and evaluation.

6. The participating enterprises should send the electronic application form to the mailbox: [email protected]

7. The deadline for the collection of fabric collection is August 20, 2018.

8. The fabric will be used for archiving, evaluation, display, publicity and marketing. (the final interpretation is owned by the Organizing Committee).

Seven, to evaluate the fabric mailing address:

"China fabric star" users are most satisfied with fabric products Investigation Activities Organizing Committee

Lei Lei (Collection) 010-010-85872143

East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 39 block B, Huaye International Centre, 207

Eight. Participants:

Textile and clothing weekly magazine   Zhejiang operations center   Zhao Guo Ling

Telephone: 13521507499 15068579525

Wechat number: 13521507499 QQ: 534270606


1. China's fabric star rating campaign is free from the collection of fabrics and the final award ceremony.

2. Please fill out and print this form in detail. A table is attached to each type of fabric. Please send it to the organizing committee after classification. Please review the material before August 20th.

3, the mailing address is "China fabric star" user satisfaction fabric product survey organizing committee, Beijing Chaoyang District East Fourth Ring Road 39, Huaye International Center B block 207, Lei Lei (accept) 010-85872143.

1, long hair business. 2019 China fabric star information registration form (click download)

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